Monday, 10 February 2014

Beauty School cop outs - MTV

Sooo the good old Geordie Shore was coming to and end.
And well lets a face the facts, that was probs the highlight of my Wednesday night after coming home from work or uni.
I thought I would record this program and have a look at it later if I could be bothered. by half way through the program I was reading some friends tweets saying "THIS IS DEFS MY FAV PROGRAME" and then getting excited bc the cast members where RT and Fav the tweets, which can be sooooo hard these days. I thought hmmmmm I may have to watch this.
Within ten mins I was tweeting how much I loved this program and it was true!!!!
First thoughts hmmmm....
My first person I loved was Tara, she was mum that you dont piss with and had a point that she had proved before she even said it. Mums can be fun! 
However that later led to Poor Jeremy getting heart broke on the last day :'( but grrrrrrrr mabey he would have had more of a chance if he didnt play Sav!!!!!
As angry as I got for Jeremy’s poor attitude towards women, I couldn’t help but stare at his legs, like dammmmnnnn boy if beauty doesn’t work out please become a professional twister player!!!!
Which of course takes me to Richard his wing mate, well till him and Scarlett became a thing, . I dont even know if they are still together, but thank goodness for twitter it seems on the upside!!!! To be honest I thought Richard was going to be just like Jeremy and tap Scarlett and run for the hills!!!!! but his smile at her says it all :) that glowing white smile that he gives her and that cheeky grin she gave back. I dont think I need to say anymore. What a gentle man :) 
But I felt like that kinda reflected on Savannah an how unfairly she got played in the end, BY YOU KNOW WHO. But at the end of the day Barbie always get her Ken ;)
Ohhhh and the list goes on and on and on. You may be thinking by now, "Ive seen this I already know". or "nooooo wayyyy is it like that". But I guess the only way to explain the show is to describe each person. Honestly whoever picked these people were good at thier job :) 
Except for Dan. I honestly felt super bad for him not getting along with the house. I mean in comparison to some of the house mates Dan had alot of qualities that were lacked in the house. He was loyal and never gave up. I mean towards the end Danny boys tears just showed how his true colours hadnt quite come out yet. Which makes me expect that if thier is a next season that I think Dan will be a different person and I cant wait to see. Who knows he may be over his fear of moths :p
And I didnt know it was possible to say these names in the same sentence but lets give it a go SACHA and DAN. hmmm while Im sitting here lost in translation, this girl rocks hands down. I love her style and love for cats. (Im currently typing this with my cat on my lap, so I already feel a connection hahaha) nuff said.
and how could I forget the one who keeps the peace but is farrrrr from bland. Calvin!!!!!!! Lady or Gent, Calvin is always looking good. Not even a guy straight as a ruler could deny that.
Overall I guess you could say this is byyyyy far my fav show and I hope that they read this blog or even follow me on twitter :)
But hey im still hanging out for a seaon two for now.
You may have noticed I added some tweets they have sent me over time :) arnt they all just so nice?!? thats not even all of them but hey Im happy :)
And a shout out to them reading my blog too.

P.s this blog was written a while ago, however I have re posted it on my new blog xo