Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Would you like a discount with that? - For NZ makeup buyers online

E commerce (Online shopping) is what we talked about loads in marketing at uni. The risks and the BENEFITS. if your in NZ like me you appreciate the stock, the range and the price of things online.

I have put together a list of online site that not only ship to NZ but have a code to make things cheaper and easier on you guys x

Last updated 5/2/2014

Note: I have not tested all these sites to see if the codes do work, In saying that I have test most though. If a code will not work for you please comment so I can change or remove. Or if you have any codes I have missed please let me know. 

Enjoy xxxx -$5 off or spend over $40 for $10 off - KRT100 - %5 off -LETSTALK - %10 off -SENDAHEART - 20% off - JVT14 -20% Off - 10RMP - Free shipping -SHOPGAMILA - 30% Off -FF3013 - 5% Off- B14HLKDOE - 3 pounds off orders over 30 pounds -3FEB2014 - 30% off sale items only - SALE30