Monday, 10 February 2014

Beauty School cop outs - MTV

Sooo the good old Geordie Shore was coming to and end.
And well lets a face the facts, that was probs the highlight of my Wednesday night after coming home from work or uni.
I thought I would record this program and have a look at it later if I could be bothered. by half way through the program I was reading some friends tweets saying "THIS IS DEFS MY FAV PROGRAME" and then getting excited bc the cast members where RT and Fav the tweets, which can be sooooo hard these days. I thought hmmmmm I may have to watch this.
Within ten mins I was tweeting how much I loved this program and it was true!!!!
First thoughts hmmmm....
My first person I loved was Tara, she was mum that you dont piss with and had a point that she had proved before she even said it. Mums can be fun! 
However that later led to Poor Jeremy getting heart broke on the last day :'( but grrrrrrrr mabey he would have had more of a chance if he didnt play Sav!!!!!
As angry as I got for Jeremy’s poor attitude towards women, I couldn’t help but stare at his legs, like dammmmnnnn boy if beauty doesn’t work out please become a professional twister player!!!!
Which of course takes me to Richard his wing mate, well till him and Scarlett became a thing, . I dont even know if they are still together, but thank goodness for twitter it seems on the upside!!!! To be honest I thought Richard was going to be just like Jeremy and tap Scarlett and run for the hills!!!!! but his smile at her says it all :) that glowing white smile that he gives her and that cheeky grin she gave back. I dont think I need to say anymore. What a gentle man :) 
But I felt like that kinda reflected on Savannah an how unfairly she got played in the end, BY YOU KNOW WHO. But at the end of the day Barbie always get her Ken ;)
Ohhhh and the list goes on and on and on. You may be thinking by now, "Ive seen this I already know". or "nooooo wayyyy is it like that". But I guess the only way to explain the show is to describe each person. Honestly whoever picked these people were good at thier job :) 
Except for Dan. I honestly felt super bad for him not getting along with the house. I mean in comparison to some of the house mates Dan had alot of qualities that were lacked in the house. He was loyal and never gave up. I mean towards the end Danny boys tears just showed how his true colours hadnt quite come out yet. Which makes me expect that if thier is a next season that I think Dan will be a different person and I cant wait to see. Who knows he may be over his fear of moths :p
And I didnt know it was possible to say these names in the same sentence but lets give it a go SACHA and DAN. hmmm while Im sitting here lost in translation, this girl rocks hands down. I love her style and love for cats. (Im currently typing this with my cat on my lap, so I already feel a connection hahaha) nuff said.
and how could I forget the one who keeps the peace but is farrrrr from bland. Calvin!!!!!!! Lady or Gent, Calvin is always looking good. Not even a guy straight as a ruler could deny that.
Overall I guess you could say this is byyyyy far my fav show and I hope that they read this blog or even follow me on twitter :)
But hey im still hanging out for a seaon two for now.
You may have noticed I added some tweets they have sent me over time :) arnt they all just so nice?!? thats not even all of them but hey Im happy :)
And a shout out to them reading my blog too.

P.s this blog was written a while ago, however I have re posted it on my new blog xo

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Would you like a discount with that? - For NZ makeup buyers online

E commerce (Online shopping) is what we talked about loads in marketing at uni. The risks and the BENEFITS. if your in NZ like me you appreciate the stock, the range and the price of things online.

I have put together a list of online site that not only ship to NZ but have a code to make things cheaper and easier on you guys x

Last updated 5/2/2014

Note: I have not tested all these sites to see if the codes do work, In saying that I have test most though. If a code will not work for you please comment so I can change or remove. Or if you have any codes I have missed please let me know. 

Enjoy xxxx -$5 off or spend over $40 for $10 off - KRT100 - %5 off -LETSTALK - %10 off -SENDAHEART - 20% off - JVT14 -20% Off - 10RMP - Free shipping -SHOPGAMILA - 30% Off -FF3013 - 5% Off- B14HLKDOE - 3 pounds off orders over 30 pounds -3FEB2014 - 30% off sale items only - SALE30

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Lets go to the beach, each let's go to the beach.


So I went on my families annual beach holiday. This year we went to Waitarere. And I was more than excited to go weehoooo we got this amazing house BEACH FRONT. I mean how exciting would it be to walk out your house and be on the beach. Until we turned up and people were in our rented house. ahhhh turns out it was double booked so we were homeless on holiday. ahhhhh but we went to the four square and they gave us some numbers and lovely lady rented her cottage which wasnt beach front, but the water was amazing. When you stay in a place that has to use rain water no matter how rich you are you really appreciate a full pressure shower and drinking water that hasnt got a stench of eggs and colour of rust. EWWW.

Any way. It was great. We well...we went to the beach about two or three times a day and the waves were amazing. Except on the second day in there were so many freaking jelly fish, blue bottles and I got stung on the wrist. It hurt like a B**** but I think that was the shock I sprinted out of the water sooooo fast but after sleeping myself better the jelly fish were allllll gone by the next day including the ones on the shore. and there were millions. I was swimming with jelly sandals on to avoid them. You would think that you would be safe with all the jelly fish gone! until I  reach under the water to throw sand at my dad and hit the rim of a pipi on my hand and got a fright thinking it was a crab. The sea has not safety. However I did enjoy the fact that when I was walking into the water a fish jumped in the air and slapped my bum, dad said it was a "Bottom feeder" Only to have millions of fish follow that one around and in between your legs. it was crazy, I love the randomness of the ocean. You see those small little shinny things, yup they were the cray amounts of jelly fish.

What I love most about Waitarere beach was the sand bank, I would walk in the sea till it hit my chest and then I would take two more steps and then all of a sudden the sea would come down to my shins. It was crazy but funny as the sandbank would move with the tide so you would never know when the water would just go shallow and how far away it was. You could also drive on the beach witch was so fun, no speed limit all the way from otaki to foxton and probs further, the only problem was if kids drug holes you would get stuck of drift wood was bumpy. There was a funny day when there were so many jelly fish on the shore that when you were driving over them it sounded like you were driving on bubble wrap as thier bubble poped. ohh and they were dead already so we wernt horrible people.

But the beach wasnt all that Waitarere had on offer. we checked out the local restaurant and I had a chicken pineapple burger yummmmm., and we found a blue berry farm/ alpaca farm/ hat shop and bed in breakfast. all with one owner. I had so much fun taking selfies with the alpacas and then ate so many blueberries I felt sick. We also ate heaps of ice cream for the hot weather mum bought this ice cream buckets and spades and I loved them x

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

It's not hard to admit- I'm brand loyal to BENEFIT.

Soooooo my all time fav brand of cosmetics for sure is Benefit.
The name has no justices. its more than a benefit its a girls best friend.

The first time I ever saw, heard or imagined owning benefit makeup was last year when I went up to the ONLY benefit counter in the whole of NZ. I didnt really know much about benefit but when I saw the counter I feel in love. I am a marketing student so its hard to fool me on good packaging. BUT WOW. bright colour retro designs. this hit the market spot for me. I have never ever bought something expensive before learning the brand. But I saw the moon beam and thought "you know what im having a weekend of luxury why not?" and while is was hard to get service from the ladies as they were helping way richer and posher people (I assume, and didn't like!)  as the counter as with all the other counters in that store would show prices and being a student, thats kinda important. However at the price of $40 for something I had never tried before, and the ladies weren't helping me, even though I was dying to buy something I just wanted to test it!!! I was with my friends and she suggeted I got the box set that included the mini moon beam so if I liked it I could come back and if I didnt I still had many other goodies with it. and for $60 in comparison that was a great idea. I walked out the store with my bright pink bag, and I still have it (Its just so pretty) I was happy :)

Weeks and weeks on I couldn't bring myself to using it. It was just so pretty in the box. However I had work in the morning and I had just run out of my eyeliner OHNO. and there were two hot french boys at my work so I needed to look my best. and I was the best eyeliner I have ever used. I dont have longer than ten mins to do my makeup in the morning and this pencil was like using pencil on paper. easy peasy. but what I like is that it was hard to smudge. I get up so early so rubbing my eyes is hard to avoid however not only could I get away with the odd rub but it stayed on all day. I then used the moon beam that I haddnt used yet and was dying to try. I had to google how to use it as the way I wore the moon beam wasnt showing, turns out that you dont need to rub it in intensely. And  not only that but the multiple uses for it are amazing, a contour or and eye primmer too. I also and this is by far the best mascara I have ever worn was the "Yes, they're real" I have always opted to using drug store mascaras like maybeline brand line ones, however this  was beyond anything I have ever used. People all day were commenting on my eyes, and I had only put that one product on them. even the lifeguard after swimming! Finally the last product was the dandelion blush I have never used such a pale blush so ignored it for ages until thought one day when someone said my blush was like the mad butchers wife (How rude)  I decided okay then maybe I should tone it down. so I tried it and guess what I LOVED IT. I worked perfect with my bronzer underneath. This was well worth its money. I have now "hit the pan" of my blush and cant wait to buy the big exact same blush. However I still havnt used the "That gal primmer" As I am a person who uses thing one buy one.

Here are some pics of the days that I have used this kit as part of my usual makeup

Pic 1
Moon beam

Pic 2

Pic 3
Blush with contouring

Pic 4

Pic 5
Eyeliner and mascara close up with falsies 

 Since buying this I have gone on the Benefit site and purchased the Cabana Glama & the Perk-up Artist  as they were both on sale for only $18 USD and $15 USD for each product plus $18 for the shipping. Which is amazing for someone who lives in NZ as it would cost me 30 dollars to fly up to the only benefit counter in the country. I cant wait to try them out and will post the reviews up soon. 

I also got two free samples in the package which one came with a brush init as well and I'm over the MOON BEAM about that ;)

In the future I will be purchasing the foundation as I have seen many beauty gurus use it and the I want the full size dandelion blush OF COURSE. 

I would also like to thank Benefit on twitter for reading my blog :)

Monday, 13 January 2014

Tips to get juicy lips

Okay so we all have those friends (or  you) who have dry shriveled up lips that they bite at and it can just ruin your whole look. and you dont need to have huge lips to fix that, but some people like it so read below to find out some tips to save your lips or make them bulge to the max. If your interested in my makeup products I get them often from online sales. if you want to know more about the site please ask or use the adverts to the side thats how I find them x

1. Exfoliate
Using the "Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub"  This will clean any dead pealing skin or any left over lunch off your lips. It will also irritate them in a way that will make your lips mildly swell to make them temporally bigger. However using this scrub will not cause any pain or permanent damage and if you cant afford to pay the price for the pottle you can just use plain old white sugar. 

2. Lip Liner
If you have no clue how to apply lip liner then please read my previous blog about lip liner it has a great example. You can use it to colour in your lips, however you can apply lip stick over the top. Lip liner will always make your lips have an overall fuller look as they have the advantage of reaching every edge of you lip.

3. Colour.
I have always said dark is bold. If you want to look juicy and natural stick to the neutrals however I especially recommend this for people with dark hair either purple or red. 

4. Lip Gloss
I dont care who you are. Lip Gloss is always the key to the lips. It adds shine to attract light to bounce off it and takes away any signs of dry lips and prevents your lipstick from drying out and looking shriveled. 

5. Shadows
This is an extra little hint, by adding a little faint line of bronzer under your lip it will make a little shadow to add a 3D effect. 

This was my finished result.


I hope you enjoy my selfies xo. Please let me know if you have any tips to add to this or any of your fav lip colours xoxoxoxox

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Holy Grail of the week. Dry Shampoo

Okay so this is my everything.
I get dry, split ends and Im sure my bad shampooing habits are not helping with washing it nearly everyday.
But I cant help that!!!! I get greasy roots fast, expesh at the front with my fringe which im constantly playing with and sorting out.

However just a spray of dry shampoo before I go out every day and I never ever have to go through the effort of washing my hair so I know that people wont see gross oily hair roots.

Here is a shout out to Phoebe Cate who introduced me to this product even though I didnt believe her. You were so right xo Check out her page too. xoxoxoxo

I tried to see how long I could go without washing my hair and replacing it with dry shampoo, a week later and I gave up. However it is hard to get every root of your hair as it hasnt got the same lathering technique so the longer you go without washing your hair the more you have to spray through out your hair and the patchy of dryness. However I did pick up that spraying it on top of you head and then rubbing it with a towel worked really effectively. If I ever go camping again this will be the first thing I will pack.

I now wash my hair every 3 to 4 days and spray some of the dry shampoo on my fringe every day and I have never ever had a greasy hair again.

Not only that but if your lucky like me you only pay $4 a can!!!!!!
However I have tried using different brands and let me say NOTHING is like this brand, im so happy that it is the cheapest and best product.

Not only that but it ads VOLUME . I have flat hair and have breakage due to having long hair so I prefer to using shampoos of repair suppose to volume and I avoid hair dryers and straightners unless its a special occasion.

You can also get this range of dry shampoos in a huge selection. I get the XXL bottle to save money however I have seen it in small and mediums, I love the small one to stick in my hand bag or over night bag so I can hair great hair going in and going out of places.

I use the "SEXY AND GLAM" dry shampoo as the smell isnt as nice as some of the others but it comes with gold glitter!!!!!

However some of the other ones in the range can give you more bounce volume and many more things. And I swear by Batiste that if it says it will so something IT WILL DO IT!!!!

Some people I have also noticed question it for hair colour as it comes out white, however I have brown hair and you just have to spray it from a bigger distance or if you need the extra help of the dry shampoo once you have put it in and you can see bits of white shampoo in your hair, I just rub it against my scalp and then flick little bits of water as it dissolves really easily. You can also apply this product and then proceed with using your hair tools and apply heat. No problems!!!

Is it damaging? I have searched and searched for one bad case of damage from this product. AND I COULD NOT SEE A THING. One person did something crazy and it got stuck to there scalp but they had already done that before the dry shampoo. So my answer is NO it's hair saving

I also like to have funky up dos styles for parties and this products without hair spray that it horrible to clean out the next day gives the texture so you dont have to tease  or hair spray your hair !!!!

I use the Gold bottle (five from the right) Sexy and Glam. 
Not only is this a great product. But it used by soooooo many people. I was super excited when I was watching Beauty School Cop Outs and I noticed in the background a bottle sitting next the hair spray.

 <3 This is my Holy Grail and I love it <3

This product for the smell alone I would give a 10 out of 10