Thursday, 30 January 2014

Lets go to the beach, each let's go to the beach.


So I went on my families annual beach holiday. This year we went to Waitarere. And I was more than excited to go weehoooo we got this amazing house BEACH FRONT. I mean how exciting would it be to walk out your house and be on the beach. Until we turned up and people were in our rented house. ahhhh turns out it was double booked so we were homeless on holiday. ahhhhh but we went to the four square and they gave us some numbers and lovely lady rented her cottage which wasnt beach front, but the water was amazing. When you stay in a place that has to use rain water no matter how rich you are you really appreciate a full pressure shower and drinking water that hasnt got a stench of eggs and colour of rust. EWWW.

Any way. It was great. We well...we went to the beach about two or three times a day and the waves were amazing. Except on the second day in there were so many freaking jelly fish, blue bottles and I got stung on the wrist. It hurt like a B**** but I think that was the shock I sprinted out of the water sooooo fast but after sleeping myself better the jelly fish were allllll gone by the next day including the ones on the shore. and there were millions. I was swimming with jelly sandals on to avoid them. You would think that you would be safe with all the jelly fish gone! until I  reach under the water to throw sand at my dad and hit the rim of a pipi on my hand and got a fright thinking it was a crab. The sea has not safety. However I did enjoy the fact that when I was walking into the water a fish jumped in the air and slapped my bum, dad said it was a "Bottom feeder" Only to have millions of fish follow that one around and in between your legs. it was crazy, I love the randomness of the ocean. You see those small little shinny things, yup they were the cray amounts of jelly fish.

What I love most about Waitarere beach was the sand bank, I would walk in the sea till it hit my chest and then I would take two more steps and then all of a sudden the sea would come down to my shins. It was crazy but funny as the sandbank would move with the tide so you would never know when the water would just go shallow and how far away it was. You could also drive on the beach witch was so fun, no speed limit all the way from otaki to foxton and probs further, the only problem was if kids drug holes you would get stuck of drift wood was bumpy. There was a funny day when there were so many jelly fish on the shore that when you were driving over them it sounded like you were driving on bubble wrap as thier bubble poped. ohh and they were dead already so we wernt horrible people.

But the beach wasnt all that Waitarere had on offer. we checked out the local restaurant and I had a chicken pineapple burger yummmmm., and we found a blue berry farm/ alpaca farm/ hat shop and bed in breakfast. all with one owner. I had so much fun taking selfies with the alpacas and then ate so many blueberries I felt sick. We also ate heaps of ice cream for the hot weather mum bought this ice cream buckets and spades and I loved them x