Monday, 13 January 2014

Tips to get juicy lips

Okay so we all have those friends (or  you) who have dry shriveled up lips that they bite at and it can just ruin your whole look. and you dont need to have huge lips to fix that, but some people like it so read below to find out some tips to save your lips or make them bulge to the max. If your interested in my makeup products I get them often from online sales. if you want to know more about the site please ask or use the adverts to the side thats how I find them x

1. Exfoliate
Using the "Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub"  This will clean any dead pealing skin or any left over lunch off your lips. It will also irritate them in a way that will make your lips mildly swell to make them temporally bigger. However using this scrub will not cause any pain or permanent damage and if you cant afford to pay the price for the pottle you can just use plain old white sugar. 

2. Lip Liner
If you have no clue how to apply lip liner then please read my previous blog about lip liner it has a great example. You can use it to colour in your lips, however you can apply lip stick over the top. Lip liner will always make your lips have an overall fuller look as they have the advantage of reaching every edge of you lip.

3. Colour.
I have always said dark is bold. If you want to look juicy and natural stick to the neutrals however I especially recommend this for people with dark hair either purple or red. 

4. Lip Gloss
I dont care who you are. Lip Gloss is always the key to the lips. It adds shine to attract light to bounce off it and takes away any signs of dry lips and prevents your lipstick from drying out and looking shriveled. 

5. Shadows
This is an extra little hint, by adding a little faint line of bronzer under your lip it will make a little shadow to add a 3D effect. 

This was my finished result.


I hope you enjoy my selfies xo. Please let me know if you have any tips to add to this or any of your fav lip colours xoxoxoxox