Sunday, 12 January 2014

Holy Grail of the week. Dry Shampoo

Okay so this is my everything.
I get dry, split ends and Im sure my bad shampooing habits are not helping with washing it nearly everyday.
But I cant help that!!!! I get greasy roots fast, expesh at the front with my fringe which im constantly playing with and sorting out.

However just a spray of dry shampoo before I go out every day and I never ever have to go through the effort of washing my hair so I know that people wont see gross oily hair roots.

Here is a shout out to Phoebe Cate who introduced me to this product even though I didnt believe her. You were so right xo Check out her page too. xoxoxoxo

I tried to see how long I could go without washing my hair and replacing it with dry shampoo, a week later and I gave up. However it is hard to get every root of your hair as it hasnt got the same lathering technique so the longer you go without washing your hair the more you have to spray through out your hair and the patchy of dryness. However I did pick up that spraying it on top of you head and then rubbing it with a towel worked really effectively. If I ever go camping again this will be the first thing I will pack.

I now wash my hair every 3 to 4 days and spray some of the dry shampoo on my fringe every day and I have never ever had a greasy hair again.

Not only that but if your lucky like me you only pay $4 a can!!!!!!
However I have tried using different brands and let me say NOTHING is like this brand, im so happy that it is the cheapest and best product.

Not only that but it ads VOLUME . I have flat hair and have breakage due to having long hair so I prefer to using shampoos of repair suppose to volume and I avoid hair dryers and straightners unless its a special occasion.

You can also get this range of dry shampoos in a huge selection. I get the XXL bottle to save money however I have seen it in small and mediums, I love the small one to stick in my hand bag or over night bag so I can hair great hair going in and going out of places.

I use the "SEXY AND GLAM" dry shampoo as the smell isnt as nice as some of the others but it comes with gold glitter!!!!!

However some of the other ones in the range can give you more bounce volume and many more things. And I swear by Batiste that if it says it will so something IT WILL DO IT!!!!

Some people I have also noticed question it for hair colour as it comes out white, however I have brown hair and you just have to spray it from a bigger distance or if you need the extra help of the dry shampoo once you have put it in and you can see bits of white shampoo in your hair, I just rub it against my scalp and then flick little bits of water as it dissolves really easily. You can also apply this product and then proceed with using your hair tools and apply heat. No problems!!!

Is it damaging? I have searched and searched for one bad case of damage from this product. AND I COULD NOT SEE A THING. One person did something crazy and it got stuck to there scalp but they had already done that before the dry shampoo. So my answer is NO it's hair saving

I also like to have funky up dos styles for parties and this products without hair spray that it horrible to clean out the next day gives the texture so you dont have to tease  or hair spray your hair !!!!

I use the Gold bottle (five from the right) Sexy and Glam. 
Not only is this a great product. But it used by soooooo many people. I was super excited when I was watching Beauty School Cop Outs and I noticed in the background a bottle sitting next the hair spray.

 <3 This is my Holy Grail and I love it <3

This product for the smell alone I would give a 10 out of 10