Tuesday, 28 January 2014

It's not hard to admit- I'm brand loyal to BENEFIT.

Soooooo my all time fav brand of cosmetics for sure is Benefit.
The name has no justices. its more than a benefit its a girls best friend.

The first time I ever saw, heard or imagined owning benefit makeup was last year when I went up to the ONLY benefit counter in the whole of NZ. I didnt really know much about benefit but when I saw the counter I feel in love. I am a marketing student so its hard to fool me on good packaging. BUT WOW. bright colour retro designs. this hit the market spot for me. I have never ever bought something expensive before learning the brand. But I saw the moon beam and thought "you know what im having a weekend of luxury why not?" and while is was hard to get service from the ladies as they were helping way richer and posher people (I assume, and didn't like!)  as the counter as with all the other counters in that store would show prices and being a student, thats kinda important. However at the price of $40 for something I had never tried before, and the ladies weren't helping me, even though I was dying to buy something I just wanted to test it!!! I was with my friends and she suggeted I got the box set that included the mini moon beam so if I liked it I could come back and if I didnt I still had many other goodies with it. and for $60 in comparison that was a great idea. I walked out the store with my bright pink bag, and I still have it (Its just so pretty) I was happy :)

Weeks and weeks on I couldn't bring myself to using it. It was just so pretty in the box. However I had work in the morning and I had just run out of my eyeliner OHNO. and there were two hot french boys at my work so I needed to look my best. and I was the best eyeliner I have ever used. I dont have longer than ten mins to do my makeup in the morning and this pencil was like using pencil on paper. easy peasy. but what I like is that it was hard to smudge. I get up so early so rubbing my eyes is hard to avoid however not only could I get away with the odd rub but it stayed on all day. I then used the moon beam that I haddnt used yet and was dying to try. I had to google how to use it as the way I wore the moon beam wasnt showing, turns out that you dont need to rub it in intensely. And  not only that but the multiple uses for it are amazing, a contour or and eye primmer too. I also and this is by far the best mascara I have ever worn was the "Yes, they're real" I have always opted to using drug store mascaras like maybeline brand line ones, however this  was beyond anything I have ever used. People all day were commenting on my eyes, and I had only put that one product on them. even the lifeguard after swimming! Finally the last product was the dandelion blush I have never used such a pale blush so ignored it for ages until thought one day when someone said my blush was like the mad butchers wife (How rude)  I decided okay then maybe I should tone it down. so I tried it and guess what I LOVED IT. I worked perfect with my bronzer underneath. This was well worth its money. I have now "hit the pan" of my blush and cant wait to buy the big exact same blush. However I still havnt used the "That gal primmer" As I am a person who uses thing one buy one.

Here are some pics of the days that I have used this kit as part of my usual makeup

Pic 1
Moon beam

Pic 2

Pic 3
Blush with contouring

Pic 4

Pic 5
Eyeliner and mascara close up with falsies 

 Since buying this I have gone on the Benefit site and purchased the Cabana Glama & the Perk-up Artist  as they were both on sale for only $18 USD and $15 USD for each product plus $18 for the shipping. Which is amazing for someone who lives in NZ as it would cost me 30 dollars to fly up to the only benefit counter in the country. I cant wait to try them out and will post the reviews up soon. 

I also got two free samples in the package which one came with a brush init as well and I'm over the MOON BEAM about that ;)

In the future I will be purchasing the foundation as I have seen many beauty gurus use it and the I want the full size dandelion blush OF COURSE. 

I would also like to thank Benefit on twitter for reading my blog :)