Thursday, 9 January 2014

Cher Llyod's makeup look

I wish I had style, I wish I had flash, Wish I woke up with a butt and a rack

Oh Cher pfft you dont need any of the above. 

If Cher sees it and she wants it, she gets it. 
In this song "I Wish" she dreams and wishes that she could have what she hasn't got (What Cher damn girl you got everything) But by the end she walks out the bar and gets followed out and I guess the moral was just flaunt what you already have and you can have any man after you hmmmm close enough.

Lets get a close up on the facials that give the look the real x factor ;)

Nothing give a nice healthy glow like a some cheeky smile. However what really shows that big smile is those cheeks. However Cher already has a very small head, so her cheek bones already stick out, so no need for any bronzer, however rather than using a heavy pink blush this look has used more of a pale pink, In this case I reckon that it matchs very close to this "Dandelion" By Benefit cosmetics. I find this colour matches with any brown shades so if you do require a brown line on the cheek to get chers bones line then this product will still give you Chers cheeky smile look.

Next we have Cher's next face "Clearly I like them dumb"
This is where Red Lipstick is your best friend, Its classic, sexy, matches everyone and wont make your teeth look at yellow!!!
For this I used the "model co lipstick party proof range".
My fav and the one that matched Cher the most is the reddest one in the pic below.

And for the final face "Humble Bumble".
Chers eyes should be more than famous in my eyes. She can pull off any style with just her eyes, as shown before she can glare, she can stare and she can play nice. 
How she can make this look go along way is starting with the brows, her look is always tidy, and show a different message on each mood, raised= grrrrrr normal= :'(((( 
She also uses minimal eyeliner and sticks to neutral brown shades and depends on the fake eyelashes to widen her eyes for the overall look.

For the products I reccomend "Natio Eye brow kit" , "Benefit Greetings from Cabana eye shadow palette" and "Australis eyeliner"

If you really decide this look isnt for you just stick a couple of capsicums in front of your chest ;)