Friday, 3 January 2014

Helping hand for NZ makeup buyers - By Paige

If you are a fan on buying online over paying higher retail prices then this blog could come and help you soooooo much!

I have never havn't the chance yet to travel the world beyond Aus, So waiting for that "Next Holiday" isn't an option to stock up.

This blog made by a NZer and may I mention such a lovely person when I asked to post her blog on here too x . Has come up with a HUUUUUUGGGGEEEE list of websites that are available to shoppers of New Zealand (that pretty much means that it will ship to us). And let me tell you this blog has sites I've never heard of!!! Yay more shopping :) PLUS it revels what brands you can get before clicking on the link for people looking for specific things !!!!

Its super hard to get certain exclusive cosmetics in NZ, let alone at a cheaper price so this site is  a double thumbs up from me :)

Thanks Paige!!!

Check out the link below for the list of sites that ships to NZ!!!!