Monday, 6 January 2014

Makeup tutorial -Clubbing cover up.

Okay so im going out tonight clubbing with my gals, and as usual there will be millions of selfies taken.
I love selfies however I'm not even close to ready yet.
Most people in clubs CAKE themselves in makeup to look good, and not only is that bad for your skin it makes you sweat more and any drop of liquid on your face can leave a bad look.
So I went for the simple cover up my blemishes and I hope you like it

 okay lets start with the tools, Ive lettered them for reference.


Yup, no make up or anything uggg I KNOW UGLYYYYY...lets change that

Okay  so I have started with using the rimmel foundation (A), I then used brush D first to apply the foundation in the hard places (under the eyes, corners of nose and hair line) I then used brush E to then finish off. I used the brush by using light round motions so its spreads better and gives you an even coat. If your white like me you may want to even go below the face and ad a hint on your jaw and neck line.
I then went and use concealer(B) on the spots that still came through.
And finally to make a smooth complexion I used brush F to put some white powder/translucent powder (C)over the areas that hadn't dried yet, and over my hair line and jaw line to insure I had no orange lines.

Contouring, this can help shape, cover up and do many  wonders to your face.
I start with using brush G to apply bronzer (L) to my temples, nose and cheek bones,(If you are unsure where each of these are, please read my post on contouring for a detailed image) as you see its quite heavy because I have a blending brush, if you don't have them and are using normal brushes I would recommend going much lighter.

I then used the white eyeliner (O) and scribbled it on my forehead about my nose and on my chin, and a little bit above my lip. I then used the "Cool effects" cream (M) and spread it over the area I place the white eyeliner on my forehead and smoothed it down to the tip of my nose, right over the bronze. Please note that it only took a very small amount of this cream, and if you dont own this then continue the eyeliner down to the tip of your nose. I then used brush H starting with the forehead and blending it with the bronzer in circular motions, down the nose and then the chin and above the lip, so the white is gone but you can see it has a different colour in your skin tone. I then brush over the bronzer on my cheek bones so there is no visible line, but it gives the illusion of a cheek bone.

I then place a very small dab of the highlighting cream (P) under each eye to remove any bags. If you dont own this once again you can use eyeliner or a light concealer. Then I used brush I and dabbed it over the cream, like a sponge. By the time you are done dabbing you should have a lighter area of skin, but not notice able. the area you you dab it is right under the eyes and bring it down to as low as about half way down your nose.

After contouring you should end up like this.
There should be more outlined parts of your face and you should have an even tone, with no redness showing.

And now the last touch ups. I used the blush from this benefit kit (S) above my cheek bones using brush J. and then covered my whole face with a light dusting of the illuminating wand (R) to help lighten my fave a bit. and using brush K, I fill in any lose gaps in my eyebrows with some gel. and then using my benefit mascara (T) I do the top and bottom lashes to open and shape my eyes more. and finally a spray a bit of finishing spray (Q) to keep my look holding for the whole day. and without a doubt I picked a barbie pink lipstick. And let your hair down!!!!!

And if this look doesn't work out just pull a silly face and know body will even notice a blemish :)

I hope you like my look, and please comment for any questions :)