Thursday, 9 January 2014

Signs that tell you, you're a makeup bag hoarder.

Good makeup takes time!!! ask any chick that :)
And sometimes life will throw wind, rain, or tears that will not agree with our fresh look of the day.

so when your out its understandable that its essential that you should bring along a few pieces for insurance.

However sometimes you need to take a look in your handbag and go "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH". 
Here are my top tips of signs that you need a change in your bag  Lifestyle. 

Number 1

These are my old habits:
Broken Foundation
Old foundation samples
Foundations that arnt even my skin tone but close enough
A huge hair brush
Multiple Lipsticks
Lip glosses
Eye shadows 
Bronzers and blushes
Dry shampoo
Mini Makeup brushes
Eyeliners (White and Black)
Hair ties and bobby pins
and full sized hand creams

The first sign to fixing a problem is the owning up to a problem. 
If you can say "I use bigger handbags bc my makeup bag wont fit" or "I try to fit all my bathroom essentials in here".
Then keep reading!!!!

Number 2:
Not knowing how to get rid of anything.
We all have our reasons for each piece that constructs a need for each item. my personal fav is "Well a friend may need it while im out with them"
No!!! they most likely have the same problem as you girl.

Lets look at that list again shall we?!?

Broken Foundation  These can always find away to fall out into your bag making it a bigger waste and unclean to ruin other products

Old foundation samples When on the street you may be given a free sample, take it home. You dont know what the product can do to your skin if you havnt tried it.

Foundations that arnt even my skin tone but close enough Nope, save it for the house mix moisturizer with it or find a friend who may want to trade with you. this isnt a dumping ground!

A huge hair brush  your brush can hold oils and dandruff and with it just sitting lose it can make its way to other products in your bag that may have a lose lid.

Multiple Lipsticks I always forget to take out a lippy before I put the next one in. The more lippy the more they rub and can crack so all that hairbrush dirt can get in. rule of thumb: take a lippy out then put a lippy in.

Lip glosses  Lipgloss and a lipstick one of each. Your lips wont fall off with out them, you may get chapped lips but I find it hard not to suck all the yummy lipgloss off and that kills my lips.

Eye shadows ,  Bronzers and blushes   makeup bags are for touch up. you dont need the whole bathroom in your makeup bag. adding these over what you already have cna just look cakey and having these things will never fix anyting second time round.

Dry shampoo  This is my quick fix, but if you get oily hair like me, you should put it on before you go out. If you really need it after the gym, buy the travel size bottles and keep the lid, it helps so any accidental spraying to contaminate other products in there.

Mini Makeup brushes  these are no good if you dont have the right products for them, not only that is mini brushes are just never as good as your ones at home. Just take em out!!! - they also carry old bits of makeup to add to the mix of debris hanging around.

Eyeliners (White and Black),Mascaras  Some times we rub our eyes, or we go for a swim, or we have had a bad day. But your eyes are vulnerable areas. if they are even slightly irritated adding cosmetics to them will not make you look any better. just wait a bit till you get home. And as for loiquid eyeliners they take time, if your needing to re do your eyes, then dont even try unless you want to end up like a panda or locked in a public toilet for ages.

Hair ties and bobby pins you never need more than three bobby pins, if you do then your hair is not fixable with them. hair ties and bobby pins are know for just sitting in your bag,  they pick up all the yucky bits and lets be honest if they arnt on your wrist you always just ask your mate instead.

and full sized hand creams These are not made for bags, they are big and have to sit with other things. Instead why dont you moisturize them when you are at home or just bring a small bottle made for makeup bags with you?

Number 3
Have fun clearing it out!!!
It came great joy to me as things I thought that were missing I found!!!
Buy a new bag, or wash out your current one. Its important that your bag is cleaning bc what goes in there you rub on your face.

This is what I carry in my bag now

A brush  on foundation / Illuminator.
-If I get splashed in the face or I need a touch up. I can just rub this over my face and it re blends everything bad into order. It also has its own Brush with a lid. So when it sits in my bag nothing can fall out or in of it, so it remains clean.

Concealer stick
If a blemish pops up this can just dab on easy. Once again it comes with its own brush for application.

Mini Eyeliner
If you do a little smudge this can be use for a quick touch up, however it wont do a full job on your eyes. And yes it has a lid and a twisty thing for hygiene.

Luch- Lip scrub
If your lips do peal and chap and your about to go meet your loved one, this will remove all that unwanted dead skin. Dont try chap sticking it when this simple pot will work for hours and hours.

Two in One Lipstick/Lip gloss
If you cant get your head around switching your lipsticks for each day, pick one that goes with multiple looks, with the lip gloss you get a nice pink, without the lip gloss the lippy remains red.

Hope this has helped out those in need!!! 
<3 Please comment  what your hoarding problem is <3