Friday, 3 January 2014

Makeup organizing for under $30 !!!!!!

Okay so before I start,I know I dont own a crap load of makeup like all those AMAZING beauty gurus out there, but from Kmart I got this AMAZING SHELF FOR $30!!!

I hate cleaning and organizing more than the average person but I had a great time making this up and all sorts. 

ALSO for $50 extra you can get the matching mirror that is all made up, is free standing and you can look at your whole body in one glimpse!!!! Hehe I asked santa for that :)

I also used  under $6 to get the stripey cupcake holders (a pack of 50) and the dotty holder things (8 in a pack but mine came with nine churrrr)

P.S this looks way better in real life, from this angle it looks messy, but hey I never said I was good at photography xo