Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Make up organizing using $2 shop food containers.

I am such a messy person. I organize something bc I have to not bc  I want too.
I loved organizing my makeup, however when I go to apply my makeup the next day, everything always ends up on the floor :'(

So I went to a discount store today and saw these bright party food wrappers. And lets just say my creative bone kicked in hahaha. 

^^^ These products I bought all from "Uncle Bills", except the cupcake holders which were from "Pete's Emporium" 

They all cost under $4 for the pack of what they came in. and had different amounts in terms of quantity


Drinks cup NAH UH!!! A key issues with brushes is that it is sooooo hard to find something for them to stand in. This not only helps me find a brush super easy and fast, but the height is perfect for brushes, so that you can where each brush is, but is stable enough to not knock over. 

I also found that if you put some makeup remover in the bottom of one and then put your brushes in upside down it soaks them and makes cleaning them easier, WITHOUT USING WATER. and as you may know water can make the bristles fall out.

Sorry ladies, what lies on the lips is forever on the hips, so no gelato today :( However I found this super helpful for storing round items. My blushes, My bronzers all come in round shapes. And its soooo hard to fit that or stack them so its an easy mess to make.  I found each container can fit about two blushes or round items, and have a sturdy base, bc as said earlier stacking can be hard for a lot of blushers and bronzers so this will add some strength in comparison to the cupcake holders.

sooooo for $3.60 for only 50 of these cupcake holders, I had to think of some good ideas. They arnt as strong as the other food containers. But they are just strong enough to hold a perfume each. It may look a little weird that I randomly did that. but in fact it can make the perfumes look tidy without organising whats behind them. I went for three perfumes that had interesting shape to them and when I look at my shelf I dont see clusters I see mmmm they look cute. 

This is probs my personal fav, but they hold the perf number of lipsticks and lip glosses. I can fit about six per holder and if you like me and dont have a collection of the same brand lippys this can make them easily look organised. 

If your anything like me, I cant even begin to control my eyeliners. I lose the lids, and I lose them all together. However using this funky popcorn box you can just put them in and leave. These boxes dont stand as well as the drink cups, however they stand perf for my eyeliners, as they are a little lighter and have a heavier base. Eyeliners come in all sizes so this is a perf idea at covering up the fact that you dont have the time to keep an organised collection of eye wear.